Pull up a chair and grab some data.

First, you need to select some data in a database. Click the database row you would like to query. Databases with pedigree information can utilise advanced queries and it is recommended you add this information to your databases.

Available databases

DatabaseGroupSample NamesSamplesVariantsSizeDateGEMINIActions
AshkenaziTrio.Oslo.hc.joint.vqsr.vep.dbPublicHG002;HG003;HG004398303685.28 MB04/12/2015v0.11.0 View variant report
NA12878trio.hc.vqsr.decomposed.normalised.vep.dbPublicNA12878;NA12891;NA128923647452619.35 GB20/10/2017v0.18.3 View variant report Query GBS

Seave is running GEMINI version 0.19.1.

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